Cotswolds Garden Nostalgia

Rosemary Verey’s LABURNAM WALK
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Rosemary Verey created one of England’s most famous gardens in the grounds of her home Barnsley House, Near Cirencester, Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds. Barnsley House (once a 17th Century Rectory) is now a hotel and not open to the public but the ‘LOST FOOTAGE’ of the garden (see video below) is from the time when Rosemary Verey was still living in Barnsely House. Rosemary Verey wrote a number of terrific books on English gardening – among them The Englishwoman’s Garden (1982).


This footage of Barnsely House Garden from Rosemary Verey’s era  is a trip down memory lane. The garden featured a spectacular LABURNUM WALK and a Neo-classical stone TEMPLE with pool. This temple was brought to the garden, stone by stone, from nearby Fairford Park. Also there was the HERBACEOUS BORDER, the ROSE HEDGE, the KNOT GARDEN, delicious VISTAS, the STATUARY and the ORNAMENTAL POTAGER.  It is still possible to view this garden by joining the garden club of the hotel that has taken over Barnsely House, for a fee. Sadly, it is not open six days a week to the public as it once was. This is a tribute to Rosemary Verey – one of the most creative of all the English gardeners.

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