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Comedy Group Book 2Haunted CheltenhamSpine-chilling tales of ghosts, ghouls and the undead have been gathered here from every corner of the Cotswolds revealing, in heart stopping detail, this region’s unexplained events and the creepy elements that lurk just beneath its rolling hills and beautiful vistas. These stories, illustrated with more than sixty photographs include: King Charles I’s headless haunting of Chavenage House; the ghost of Warwick Castle as he emerges from his portrait; the ghouls of the Ram Inn, the most haunted building in Britain; the banshee of Banbury Cross; and a ghostly Guy Fawkes and his conspirators who still plot to blow up Parliament. In this volume, descriptions of Cotswold architecture and history are woven into thrilling stories of supernatural happenings, promising those with an interest in the paranormal terrifying dreams for years to come. • Important poltergeist sightings and supernatural phenomenon described in heart-stopping, spooky detail. • Well-researched ghost stories documenting eye-witness accounts collated using both historic and present-day sources. • Illustrated with professional modern photographs. • Featuring stories of colourful historic characters and popular Cotswold landmarks.

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