Cotswolds Cane Maker’s Rural Skills


Cotswold Hiking Sticks by Jim Ruck

on display at Church Westcote Fete

Strolling around the Church Westcote fete last week I was happy to see that Jim Ruck was still selling his wonderful hiking canes.
I had bought a hazelwood one from him a couple of years ago and it has saved me from many a tumble on long hikes around the Cotswolds.
I hope his method of making these walking canes will not be another rural skill that disappears. He described how he twists new young branches, as they grow, around the saplings that are the raw material for his canes. These make marvelously whimsical shapes that are really a piece of art in addition to being a very useful hiking stick. He shapes, smoothes and varnishes them into a variety of beautifully rustic shapes.
Jim makes sticks in Oak, Elm, Dogrose, Hawthorne and Black Thorne Ivy.

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Stick Comp

Photographs by Randall Montgomery ©2014 Available for purchase at

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