Cotswolds History- Rare Medieval Musical Instruments

A Medieval Jam Session-For Music Lovers and History Buffs
The fun-loving, wry humour and creative personalities of Medieval stone carvers is still startlingly evident over 500 years after their work was completed on a distinctive frieze carved near the roof of St. Mary’s Church, Adderbury in Oxfordshire. This church, the most architecturally important in the county, depicts over sixty figures playing ancient musical instruments. These musicians are skillfully crafted, with their facial characteristics generally thought to have been modeled on local villagers. This group of musicians appears so alive and full of energy that it is almost possible to join in the party and hear the jam session they are having as they wail away on their strange-looking instruments.
The musicians are shown playing a variety of instruments including a psaltery which is an early keyboard instrument, a trumpet which then was more like a recorder, a pair of nakers which is a two sided drum, an early trombone known as a buzine, a rebec –a primitive violin, and a portative organ. Adderbury Church is situated three miles south of Banbury and 20 miles north of Oxford and is well worth a visit. Bring binoculars.


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