The Comedy Group Book

Comedy Group Book 2

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up and running a comedy group from an award winning playwright and actress whose own group has flourished successfully for over fifteen years.

Learn how the power of a comedy group dynamic can lead to an exciting, laughter-filled and profitable career. Here is insider information culled from the author’s own comedy group experience out of which the hit shows El Grande de Coca-Cola (HBO) and Bullshot Crummond (SHOWTIME) were created and from which the major motion picture Bullshot was adapted.

From this book you can learn how to:

Do an end run around casting directors, by selling your show with you in it.

Perform, write and produce a marketable product – a comedy show

Create a role that is a perfect fit for your talents and cast yourself in the lead.

Get boffo laughs from an audience

Define your comedy style

Structure a show with surefire comedy writing techniques

Turn out a full-length professional evening’s entertainment

Start a comedy group business (laid out in an easily understood fashion)

Raise investment

Budget your comedy show

Publicize your comedy show

Create and maintain a revenue stream

Write, pitch and sell television and movie programming

Springboard from a comedy group to a solo career

Get to the top of your game

Apply insider tips, practical advice, short cuts, production information,

resource guide support and everything else you need to know about …


Extra! The author’s hilarious war stories from her group’s beginnings and rise to success.


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