More Cotswolds Memoirs explores Downton Abbey Film Locations

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Cotswolds MemoirsDiscovering a Beautiful Region of Britain on a Quest to Buy a 17th Century Cottage. (Ranked #1 Best Selling in British Travel in Kindle on Amazon), a love note to this beautiful area, is the first book in a series. The story begins when this British-born author and comedy actress’s roots pull her back from the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood career to the UK with her American husband, where a cure for her homesickness leads to a fun-filled, roller-coaster ride. The many pitfalls that come her way during her journey are seen through the prism of comedy and turn this tale into a laugh-out-loud, good life, foodie, meet the eccentric locals, cliff-hanging read.

In the second book of the series which can be read independently of the first, More Cotswolds Memoirs: Creating the Perfect Cottage and Discovering Downton Abbey in the Cotswolds, Diz’s journey continues during her bid to turn her newly-purchased home into the perfect cottage. Her many adventures include coming across the film locations of Downton Abbey, delving into their history and meeting with the cast of this world-renown series.


Also, in More Cotswolds Memoirs, the author builds on to her 17th century cottage and contends with the myriad ups and downs of renovating a listed building. A collapsing piggery and other disasters turn the project into a money pit that compels her to scramble between Hollywood and the Cotswolds, often hilariously descending the ladder of success as she takes every acting job offered in order to finance her dream.

The author’s search for vintage building supplies leads to an exploration of the Cotswolds with its pub walks, hog roasts, Roman settlements, and eventually, the Downton Abbey film set in Bampton where she attends a wrap party with the cast. Diz becomes fascinated with the history of the sites used in the filming, identifies all the film locations in the Cotswolds and traces their origins.


In order to overcome all obstacles her journey develops into a race against time, to achieve her goal, Cotswold bliss in her newly-renovated cottage. 

  • Identifies Downton Abbey Cotswold film locations and explores their history
  • Valuable Tips and Resource Guide for cottage buyers and renovators
  • Doubles as an (off-the-beaten-track) Travel -Tour of the Cotswolds
  • Laugh-out-loud Bill Bryson (The Road to Little Dribbling) style humour
  • Many colour photos of Downton Abbey film sites and Cotswold scenery
  • Extensive Visitor Guide included 

About the Author:

Diz White- Author of More Cotswolds Memoirs

British-born Diz White divides her time between Hollywood and the Cotswolds. Acting credits include Star Trek: The Next Generation and Bullshot (HandMade Films), Titanic (VO). Other books by this author: Haunted Cotswolds and Haunted Cheltenham (The History Press).

Diz’s books are…

…extremely entertaining, funny and beautifully written
Katie Jarvis, Cotswold Life Magazine

Diz White…
…tells a great tale and along the way had me in stitches
Debbie McGee, BBC

A souvenir of the Cotswolds with fabulous photos
Rowena Perkins, Cotswold TV

Press Contact: Katie Louise