Cotswolds Lavender Lemonade and Gin Fizz Recipes


Cotswolds Lavender Lemonade with Cotswolds Honey

Makes 6-8 large servings

(Ingredients listed below are best sourced in the Cotswolds if possible).
2 – 3 cups full of fresh lavender blossoms or more if easily available – grown in the Cotswolds. Remove most of the stalks.
(If fresh lavender is not available culinary lavender may be substituted)
1 jar (or to taste) Cotswolds Honey – must be from honey sold in a glass jar.
3 cups of de-ionized or distilled water.
4 lemons (organic and from the Cotswolds if possible).
5 Cups of cold water – (or more or less to taste).

All kitchen items used to prepare this lemonade must be made of glass or stainless steel and the spatula must be wooden.
The method of squeezing the lemons must be done using glass or stainless steel.
The strainer used for the lemons and for the lavender must be plastic or stainless steel (Most strainers are not made of stainless steel).



IMG_9202This is what will give the lavender colour to the lemonade.


Use either a stainless steel saucepan or an ovenproof glass dish to heat the distilled water or de-ionized water.
If distilled or de-ionized water is used it is possible to store any leftover infusion in the fridge for up to two weeks and use it for more lavender lemonade.
If tap water is used this ruins the infusion if it is to be stored in the fridge.
Tap water may be used if all of the infusion is used immediately.

IMG_9195Heat distilled water and just before it boils remove it from the stove top.

Save 2 or 3 Table Spoons of the heated water and set aside.

IMG_9199Place the lavender blossoms in the heated water.
Prod and stir with wooden spoon occasionally as lavender steeps for five minutes or so.
Pour the 2 or 3 Table spoons of de-ionized water that was set aside onto the Cotswolds honey.
Stir to soften enough for it to be poured.IMG_9213Strain the lavender infused water through a plastic sieve into a glass container.
IMG_9230Pour into glass bowl to check for any remaining plant material. If found strain again or remove.

Squeeze the lemons and strain (through plastic strainer) Set aside.
Put the lemon juice into a large pretty glass or ceramic jug.
Add cold water in stages.
Add honey in stages until desired sweetness.
Add lavender infusion to the lemonade until whole jug of lemonade turns a lavender hue. Store any remaining infusion in a glass jar in the fridge (for up to two weeks) for more lemonade.
Add ice cubes and garnish with slices of lemon, lemon wedges, paper parasols or other decorations.
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 Cotswolds Lavender Gin Fizz


25 ml Gin
1/4 Lemon (organic if possible)
20 ml Lavender Syrup
Elderflower cordial
6 Plain ice cubes

2 or 3 small frozen black grapes
6 Lavender infused ice cubes (optional).
(See Recipe for Lavender Infusion in Lavender Lemonade Recipe above).
3 or 4 Sprigs of fresh lavender (optional).

Add Gin, Lavender Syrup and plain ice cubes to a cocktail shaker.
Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Add lavender infused ice cubes.
Fill cocktail glass with Elderflower cordial.
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 IMG_9243 - Copy


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Photographs by Randall Montgomery

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Visit Landmarks of the Cotswolds that Reflect its Beauty

The shimmering, cool rivers, ponds and streams of the Cotswolds provide a wonderful mirror-image of the beauty of this forgotten-by-time region. Here are some reflections of the Cotswolds, captured in several of its most treasured landmarks.
Visit these lovely places and enjoy a few calming moments of contemplation by the soothing sounds of trickling water.

1Kiftsgate Garden

Kiftsgate Garden, near Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire
This garden, created by three generations of women, is a must-see. A series of interconnected garden rooms and descending terraces offer spectacular views, some of which are reflected in a pond overlooking an endless vista of the Cotswolds.

2Cornwell Manor in the Cotswolds is a Grade II listed Manor House in West Oxfordshire

This lovely garden evokes images of Downton Abbey in Edwardian times with beautifully gowned women and suave men in tuxedos, chatting, as they drink a pre-dinner sherry. Perhaps these dinner guests stroll, on a warm summer’s evening by the reflecting waters of the fountain, before pairing up to take their places in the elegant dining room of this matchless 17th Century manor.

4Prior Park Garden

This National Trust Grade I listed garden, Prior Park, just south of Bath, Somerset, is built high on a hillside with spectacular views of Bath as just one of its many attractions. It was created by local entrepreneur Ralph Allen and begun in 1734. There are few flowers and no formal beds in this garden; it is all about breathtaking views, restful green lawns, reflecting water from the lakes and a sculptural Palladian bridge, creating a mellow mood that is immensely pleasing.

5Shilton Open Gardens

Shilton, tucked away in the Shill Brook Valley, near Burford, Oxfordshire is a charming village with much to boast about. There is a traditional pub, The Rose and Crown, which serves delicious food, and camera-ready ducks that occasionally cause cars to swerve out of their way as they cross a nearby ford. The flower-bedecked gardens are so beautiful that they are opened to the public once a year for the National Garden Scheme. It was at an open garden that this wrought iron bridge was glimpsed, its delicate pattern making a mesmerizing reflection in the stream below.


Westbury Court Garden

Westbury Court Garden near Gloucester and the Severn River on the edges of the Cotswolds is a revelation. It is the only 17th Century restored Dutch water garden in Great Britain. The National Trust rescued it in 1967 using an engraving of the garden from 1707 as a guide for its restoration. The calming trickle of the lily-covered canals, and the endless reflections from the gently rippling water make this garden a wonderful place for peaceful relaxation.


Little Faringdon Mill Near Lechlade

There has been a Mill on this site for over a thousand years which is evident from its Domesday Book listing. The two photographs of the mill, above and below, give an indication of its idyllic setting with a charming barn and weeping willow trees reflected in the streams that lazily weave around this lovely property.

Photographs by Randall Montgomery ©2014 Available for purchase at


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