Discovering a Beautiful Region of Britain on a Quest to find a 17th Century Cottage

An English actress and comedy writer returns from Hollywood to her homeland to buy a cottage in the Cotswolds,the most beautiful part of Britain. Her exciting search turns into a laugh-out-loud, good life, foodie, meet the eccentric locals, cliff hanging, explore the idyllic Cotswolds fun read as she finds the sense of community lacking in her urban existence and decides ‘It doesn’t get much better than this!’

Cotswolds Memoir Cover-2

What the Press say about COTSWOLDS MEMOIR

‘Extremely entertaining, funny and beautifully written’
Katie Jarvis, Cotswold Life Magazine

“Diz White writes about the Cotswolds with such passion. Superb story telling.”
Debbie McGee, BBC Radio Berkshire

“Wakes us up to the joys on our doorstep”
Sue Bradley, Gloucestershire Echo

“A rip-roaring new book”
Tristan Cork, West Country Life Magazine

“It’s enchanting …very funny…..Diz White has written a book that paints a nostalgic and affectionate canvas.”
Steven Leigh Morris, Los Angeles Weekly

“More entertaining than Under the Tuscan Sun”
Bill Greenleaf, Greenleaf Literary Magazine

From the Author

It all started with a family reunion. I wanted my family to come to my home for our next yearly gathering and I wrote a description of the Cotswolds to persuade them all to join me there. My sister wrote back that she had enjoyed my letter so much that she thought I should write a book about this lovely place. So COTSWOLDS MEMOIR is from my heart and expresses all my joy at discovering this very special region.  Writing this book encompassed all my passions – I’m a nature lover, a foodie, a history buff, a hiker, a lookey loo (I can’t get enough of viewing old houses) and I collect people – the more quirkily amusing the better. This book also allows me to share a very important part of my life – making people laugh. My comedy writing background was put to good use, however, this time I could tell my personal stories – funny things that really happened to me rather than having to invent scenes. Also, this book chronicles all the real-life ups and downs of hunting for a home. Because I see life though the prism of comedy much of this roller coaster adventure was hilarious to me so I had a lot of fun. Also it was always my Mother’s dream to own a cottage and I have been fortunate enough to live out that dream for her. I am also very fortunate to have my wonderful husband Randall Montgomery in my life without whom my book would never have been completed. He helped me with all aspects of my book including the cover, taking all the photographs, the marketing and formatting. If that is not enough he also serenades me with lovely old songs from the 1930s while strumming on his Ukulele.

Before writing Cotswolds Memoir I had been commissioned to write Haunted Cotswolds and Haunted Cheltenham which got me started exploring this region and studying its history and architecture – my art degree from Central/St. Martin’s art school came in handy here.  Of course, on the way I got to participate in all the great activities that the good life of the Cotswolds has to offer including: hog roasts, fetes, Roman settlements, the Cotswold Way, world-renown gardens, boating on the Thames, a myriad of historic sites, Domesday churches, pubs, restaurants and tea shops, farmers markets and all that this halcyon region has to offer.

I really enjoy hearing from my readers so do find me if you read my book and want to chat – easily done by Googling my web site – and going to the email on there.

I hope you enjoy my book as it was a pure delight to write Cotswolds Memoir and to share how I found my little bit of heaven.