Scrumptious Seafood Sauté Recipe with Cotswold Butter


I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Seafood Sauté 


This scrumptious Seafood Sauté is really enhanced by using locally churned Cotswold Butter which is available at many Cotswold farmer’s markets. Below is the link to farmer’s markets in the region. This link and other useful foodie information appear in the Travel Guide of my book COTSWOLDS MEMOIR: Discovering a Beautiful Region of Britain on a Quest to Buy a 17th Century Cottage. (Available on Amazon in Paperback, Kindle and Audio Book)

I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Seafood Sauté Recipe

Serves 2


1 fresh, live Lobster
10 fresh uncooked peeled Shrimp
10 fresh uncooked unpeeled Shrimp
1 cup Fresh peeled Crayfish Tails (where available)
8 fresh Mussels
8 fresh Clams
12 fresh Scallops

2 whole Lemons cut into segments
4 bulbs finely chopped Garlic
4 table spoons finely chopped Parsley
2 table spoons fresh Oregano
2 table spoons fresh Rosemary
2 tea spoons Tarragon
1 cup Butter (Cotswold butter if possible)
2 table spoons Butter
Salt and Pepper to taste



2 Iron skillets with handles that will go from
oven to table. One for each serving
(For the best results this dish should be prepared in 2 x 9” cast iron skillets
although a stainless steel skillet of this size will work almost as well.)

Plunge Lobster into boiling water, cover and cook for 20 minutes
After Lobster is done turn off heat and leave
in the pot while preparing the other ingredients:

Dry Scallops with paper towel
Make sure Butter is very hot but not burning
in a separate pan sauté Scallops in 2 table spoons of Butter
for three to four minutes or until not quite cooked through

Prepare the Clams and Mussels by steaming them until they pop open.
Remove immediately from the steamer, removing the top shell from the Mussels and set aside

Remove Lobster from pot and dry with paper towel
With a very sharp knife cut Lobster in half and crack the claws

Heat both skillets to medium heat
Divide 1 cup Butter between two skillets
Divide Garlic into two and add to both skillets.
Sauté Garlic for a minute or so being careful not to burn
Stir all herbs into the pan reserving 2 table spoons Parsley
Add Shrimp and Mussels (shell up) and cook until almost done
Turn up heat as much as possible without burning butter
Add half Lobster to each skillet with shell facing upwards
Ladle butter from skillet over Lobster
Add Crayfish Tails and Scallops
Stir, making sure all the ingredients are coated in butter and herbs
and cook until all the seafood is thoroughly cooked

Sprinkle with Parsley, add lemon wedges

Serve and eat immediately.

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